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We look forward to meeting you at Hempel Sanderoff Wellness

Please review & complete the  following forms prior to your visit. For patients looking to book their medical cannabis consultations, you MUST HAVE a Maryland qualifying condition in order to receive a medical cannabis certification,

AND have a PCP (or specialist) who can provide records documenting the condition. 


We understand if you have questions or concerns...


Patients have long been seeking & experiencing relief from alternative therapies including marijuana & cannabis products. Sadly, they have faced criminal prosecution in recent decades.  Maryland now joins other states in the legalization of marijuana for medical use, granting thousands of patients access to another option for severe symptom management.  These patients will need a doctor's certification to obtain a medical cannabis card & to obtain access to pharmaceutical grade cannabis from state regulated growers, producers & dispensaries. But that is just the beginning. Patients need continued support & guidance to select products, understand dosing & safely integrate cannabis with their current medical regimen. That's where we step in... Hempel Sanderoff Wellness is here for YOU. Schedule your appointment with us today.

PLEASE NOTE:  We DO NOT prescribe medications or dispense marijuana (no cannabis is located on our premises).

You must have a Primary Care Physician or Specialist managing your chronic illness.


For your privacy, we do not bill insurance. Payment is required at the time of your visit. Flexible Spending & Health Savings Accounts may cover services. Please check with your provider.

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