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Cannabis oil against Marijuana plant, CB



We keep our patients at the heart of our wellness practice. 

  • Patients are a vulnerable group who deserve the highest standard of

medical care & products.

  • Recreational use is not the same as medical use. These groups have different goals & needs, and must be addressed separately.

  • Prohibition of cannabis is a major public health hazard that has failed to decrease drug use & has led to unsupported consequences.

  • Cannabis is medicine. It should be regulated like other medications & be available by prescription, including in botanical form.

  • Cannabis products should not make unsubstantiated medical claims. Products should be required to meet strict standards of safety, bioavailability & efficacy.

  • Dispensaries should operate like pharmacies. They should provide products that are safe & effective. They should not provide medical advice to patient & should not contradict patient's clinician's orders.

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