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Maryland's Premier Holistic & Integrative Wellness Practice

Professional, Expert Guidance On Your Wellness Journey

Physician Dr. Carrie Hempel & Holistic Pharmacist Dr. Brian Sanderoff have partnered to bring you a powerhouse of experience & expertise in the realm of wellness, along with pain & symptom relief from chronic & complex illness.

Whether you are looking for therapeutic options as a complement to traditional medical care, or a reputable source for consultation and guidance in the world of wellness and supplements, you will receive personalized and compassionate care in a patient and heart centered environment.


Our Philosophy and Approach to Care

We specialize in the medically-guided and evidence-based creation of safe and effective regimens to manage pain and symptoms associated with complex and advanced illness. Brian and Carrie bring a collective 35 years of experience and have helped thousands of patients navigate the overwhelming and rapidly evolving world of Medical Cannabis therapy and Holistic Supplements to improve health and quality of life. Our passion and motivation is to hear your story and listen to your needs, and empower you to use a wide variety of healing tools to achieve your total health goals - in mind, body, and spirit.



Medical Cannabis Consultation

60 Minutes | $200

Experience a comprehensive consultation with Medical Cannabis expert Dr. Carrie Hempel. She will review your medical history, medications, and complete a multi-system assessment and create individualized treatment plan with you in collaboration with your treating physicians if desired. Medical Cannabis Certifications are more than just a "green stamp." It includes:

  • Doctor Consultation and certification

  • Video visit from safety and comfort of home

  • History and symptom assessment

  • Medication safety assessment

  • Personal treatment plan

  • Collaboration with treating physicians

  • Unlimited follow up support by phone, email, or video visit  for the year

Follow up visits are complementary and unlimited, with phone, email, and video visit options. Recertification visits include the same level of service and attention and are scheduled annually for $100. 

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Natural Herbs

Holistic Wellness Consultation

60 Minutes | $100

Feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of supplements available today? Concerned about supplement safety and evidence-based care? Wondering about using supplements along with traditional medications to manage the symptoms of chronic conditions and improve your health? Treat yourself to a personalized consultation with nationally recognized, syndicated health expert Brian Sanderoff, PD to unlock your full health potential! Each consultation includes:

  • Review of history, symptoms & health goals

  • Review of medications and supplements, safety & interactions

  • Counseling & education on nutritional & herbal regimens

  • Guidance & follow up support by phone, email, or video visit

Green marijuana leaf, cannabis seeds, wo


Patients have long been seeking & experiencing relief from alternative therapies including cannabis and cannabinoid products. Sadly, they have faced criminal prosecution and lack of quality care in recent decades.  Maryland has joined in the legalization of cannabis for medical use, granting thousands of patients access to another option for severe symptom management.  These patients will need a doctor's certification to obtain a medical cannabis card & to obtain access to medicinal cannabis from state regulated growers, producers & dispensaries. But that is just the beginning. Patients need continued support & guidance to select products, understand dosing & safely integrate and titrate cannabinoids with their current medical regimen.

That's where Hempel Sanderoff Wellness steps in. We're dedicated to providing patients with safe & effective options for their pain & symptom management. We provide the highest quality, integrative, evidence based care possible, and will happily collaborate with your treating physicians to support you.


Patient  Testimonials

Plant in a Pot

"Dr. Hempel is amazing. I would recommend her for anyone who wants a doctor who truly cares, listens and understands. The staff is also friendly and caring. The office is very calming and welcoming. Can't say enough good things. She truly is interested in healing you. She is one of the good ones. Doing the right things for the right reasons. A good person with a good heart!"  - Gina

Woman in Plants

"Dr. Hempel is truly amazing. She is Compassionate, professional, and has true drive to help others. She is a huge asset to the community. I highly recommend her!" - Kristen

Herbal Oils

Dr. Hempel is the kindest most caring human being I have ever known. -WW

Stone Mortar and Pestle

Dr. Hempel was willing to help and take as much time as I needed – MR

Aromatherapy Oil

So much helpful information and care in a judgment free environment. :) - AB

Cannabis plant on natural background.Can

As always, Dr Hempel was very thorough and made me feel comfortable, and seemed to understand my concerns. Also, very aware of my medical conditions and issues and committed to working with me. -LV

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